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  充足的睡眠有助于健康 Enough Sleep Stays Healthy

  Nowadays, it is the common situation for the young people to stay up, some are addicted to the computer games, and some are going out and find fun with their friends. The lack of sleep not only makes them work inefficiently, but also hurts their health.


  The lack of sleep always happens among young people, and most of them expect to make up sleep on weekends, but even they do so, it still hurts their body, for the irregular lifestyle in most of the time. I used to staying up playing computer games or watching TV series at midnight. After a week, I found my skin became darker and there came some freckles. So I decided to give up stay up and kept enough sleep. A few days passed, my skin became better and I had the energy to study.


  Enough sleep can also make us stay young. Look at those people who look young in an old age. The secret is to keep healthy lifestyle and taking enough sleep is one of the important ways. Don't think you are young and have the energy to stay up, some day, you have to pay for it.



  Accompanying all the booms brought about by the profound social changes, many problems have come along. That whether the young should have family's wealth or not is a very marked one.

  伴随着深刻的社会变革所带来的繁荣,许多问题也随之。 ,无论是年轻的,应该有家庭的财富与否是一个非常显着的。

  It is widely accepted that we have been living in a "the rich gets richer whereas the poor gets poorer" age in terms of income gaps within a generation. There is an old saying in China, "the offspring of low-income can grow faster" which means the children of low-income family have better problem-solving abilities during adulthood. But is it really true?


  Recently I have read much news about affluent 2nd generation which in most cases is negative. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they don't have to worry about luxurious cars, houses and so on. The characters of them are always criticized by the public. Sometimes they just think about themselves and forget other people's feelings including their parents. I have never known them to behave any other than selfishly.


  Sometimes they are peacockish and wasteful, but they think they can do to their way of thinking. On the contrast, some rich young people are more serious to life, and they think more and feel stressful at the same time.


  Personally, I believe children raised in household not in possession of a good fortune are conditioned in their early life to exercise self-control and self-restraint. Through the childhood and early adulthood they are used to repeated experiences of parents' rejections of their requests. It is most difficult for them get a successful career, they may be much more difficult. As they are cultivated to have a strong mind and have many beautiful virtues inside, they are more likely to be loved or accepted by the public.


  As far as I know, personal wealth is not measured by what your parents may give you, but is measured by personal ability and personal virtues.



  Speaking of bicycle, some people think it has outdated in many big cities. However, some people think that it is still popular for them because people can exercise themselves by riding bicycle. For me, I think people can get lots of benefits from riding bicycles.


  First, we can become healthier by riding bicycles. Since people are busy with works, they have almost no time to do exercise. But if they ride bike to work, then they can practice themselves quite often. Consequently, they will be healthier.


  Secondly, bicycle is good for our environment. In almost all big cities, the average temperature is a bit higher than countryside for there are too many car emissions there. We all know that people in big cities like to drive cars to go to work rather than taking public transportations. Therefore, our environment is polluted by lots of emissions. If more people join in the trend to ride bicycles to work, then our air quality will be improved obviously.


  In conclusion, riding bicycle not only can make us healthier but also it is good for protecting our environment. So, we should encourage more people to ride bicycles quite often than driving cars.