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  The child's happiness is al I-important, the psychologists say, but what about the parents' happiness? Parents suffer constantly from fear and guilt while their children gaily romp about pulling the place apart. A good old-fashioned spanking is out of the question: no modern child-rearing manual would permit such barbarity. The trouble is you are not allowed even to shout. Who knows what dccp psychological wounds you might inflict? Certainly a child needs love, and a lot of it. But the excessive permissiveness of modern parents is surely doing more harm than good.


  Lax authority over the years makes adolescent rebellion against parents all the more violent. If the young people are going to have a party, for instance, parents are asked to leave the house. Their presence merely spoils the fun. What else can the poor parents do but obey?


  Children are hardy creatures (far hardier than the psychologists would have us believe) and most of them survive the harmful influence of extreme permissiveness which is the normal condition in the modern household. But a great many do not. The spread of juvenile delinquency in our own age is largely due to parental laxity.


  The psychologists have much to answer for. They should keep their mouths shut and let parents get on with the job.And if children are knocked about a little bit in the process, it may not really matter too much. At least this will help them to develop vigorous views of their own and give them something positive to react against. Perhaps there's some truth in the idea that children who' ve had an excess of happiness in their childhood fail to make a success of life.



  There is no doubt that this cartoon vividly depicts a negative but rampant scenario in modern society: commercial bribery. Frightened by the sharp punishment sword, the man, carrying a large pile of money used as bribery, is trying his best to escape. What is conveyed by the drawing is both realistic and thought-provoking。


  The implication of the given picture can be elaborated in terms of the decline of work-moral values and the view on money. For one thing, commercial bribery has a very damaging and destructive effect on the whole society. Firstly, moral deficiencies as well as the humanity weakness revealed in the action of bribery may stain and pollute the atmosphere of professional ethics and cause others to copy. Secondly, fair competition may be threatened because bribery puts honest businessmen at a disadvantaged position. For another, the bad behavior of commercial bribery is largely driven by "profit", showing that those people who are involved in bribery do not have a right view on money. It is true that money is indispensable, but, there is no denying that money should be obtained and spent in a reasonable, wise and legitimate way。


  To eliminate the immoral behavior of bribery thoroughly, drastic actions should be taken and severe punishment measures should be adopted. Besides, a positive mental guidance on the right attitude to money should be popularized among the public. Only in this way can we have a fair and sound social environment。


  未来谁来赡养老人? Who will Support our Old?

  Supporting the old has long been both a duty and a virtue for young people in China. However, some dissatisfactory facts have been observed in recent years. In a family with as many as five grown-up children, the aged mother was kicked around like a football among them, each of whom tried to escape as much responsibility as possible. In another family where there're two old couples, each having only one child, the young couple complained a lot about having to feed seven mouths with their two salaries only. It is obvious that the traditional family-based supporting system no longer fits modern people's greatly diversified ideology and living style.

  There's one solution that has been both advocated and practised by sociologists, namely the society-based supporting system. In this system, every working person must pay a small amount of his income to the government, and when he retires, more money will be paid back to him each month in term of pension. Meanwhile, children are exempted from the obligation to provide for the aged. Such method can ensure every old man with reliable economic income, whether he is childless or not and regardless of his children's morality.

  Are things totally settled? Not so easily. Money isn't almighty and cannot assure happiness. Old people have psychological needs like care, love and communication that can hardly be met through the society-based system. Young people should still spend more time with their parents, supporting them both economically and mentally.