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  中西方文化对比 Lines and Circles,West and East

  Everything is relative, cultural difference being no exception. Culture, as the total pattern of human behavior and its products, oversteps geographical limits and historical conditions in many ways, and it is characterized by its strong penetrativeness and fusibility.

  The advancement of the globalized economy and the rapidity and ease of modern communication, transportation, and mass media have resulted in an ever increasing exchange between cultures, unprecedented in scale, scope, and speed. Consequently, an increase in universality and a reduction in difference between cultures is an inevitable trend. It is no surprise to see phenomena characteristic of one culture existing in another. As a result, some people even fear that the world will become a dull place when all the different nationalities behave exactly alike.Nevertheless, the “cultural sediment” formed through long-range accumulation is not to be easily removed, and the cultural tradition handed down from generation to generation shows great consistency and continuity. The cultures of different regions and nations still have their own distinctive peculiarities, and therefore significance still needs to be attached to the study of the individualities of different cultures against the background of their universality.

  By and large, linearity and circularity can be used to indicate the major difference between Western and Chinese cultures. “Western culture” here is a general term, putting aside its interior regional diversities in order to contrast it with Chinese culture. A circle is a round enclosure. A line is a narrow continuous mark. The contrast between the linearity of Western culture and the circularity of Chinese culture embodies itself in such aspects as worldview, core value, outlook on time, and mode of thinking.

  如何排解压力 How Do I Relieve Pressure

  The prevalence of pressure phenomenon has concerned a multitude of individuals from four corners of the world. Many individuals, if not most, harbor the idea that pressure harm character“'s mind grossly. For my part, governments are supposed to spare no effort to solve this multiplex problem. Pressure, which looks hard to get rid of, can be relieved through a variety of methods.

  As to me, I choose happiness over depression when I face trying circumstance causing great tension. I am a web surfer and Internet exerts a tremendous fascination on a great number of people, with no exception to me. In all websites, I warm to Diandian best. My introduction to Diandian, which is an excellent forum, came from a friend's recommendation. The night I got my first taste on Diandian was unforgettable. In Diandian, Mr. Ding, who is an enthusiastic and superexcellent teacher, will help you asking any English questions to him. Furthermore, you can freely express views and enjoy classic music in it. In short, Diandian forum exceedingly appeals to me. So it should come as no surprise that I indulged myself in Diandian as soon as I have web access on it. As yet, Diandian, under Mr. Ding guidance, has become the best English forum in its own right and the potential of Diandian is bound to be ever greater.

  Some fear a circumstance with so many pressures. However, I think not because Diandian will accompany me on hard learning journey. As to myself, surfing on Diandian forum is the best way relieving pressure.


  Globally, we have moved from a culture centered on network television, cable, AM and FM radio and telephone into a digital society with mass media,streaming information, intelligent computer.To shift to a digital economy, best demonstrated by the explosive growth of the Internet, is transforming everyday products and practices.Ideas expressed in soft wares, chips, communication systems, financial institutions and mass media have enormous leverage worldwide.Beyond emails and online shopping, the Internet promises to change dramatically huge spectrum activities.Its benefits can be well illustrated in the following aspects.


  In the first place, it contributes to escape us from laborious work, save our time, facilitate our lives.Secondly, with computer's extensive reach into every corner of the world, a perspective of human life can be shown only with a single keystroke.No matter where we are, in school, business workshops, operating rooms, labs, banks of halls of government, the Internet appears to reflect a perspective of human life.Furthermore, computer profits us by relaxation and entertainment it provides.


  But on the other hand, some people debate that it is also inconvenient, waste the time, isolated us from people, and make our lives more complicated.Some people repair the most sophisticated computer but can't mend a pair of socks.Yet in fact, computer collapse the distances and demolishes all boundaries.Whether computer is a blessing or a curse, depends on different circumstance and the way you use it.


  As a new millennium appoach, we look forward to constructing a new fantasy land by combination with the wealth this new age will bring and the high technology it will provide.