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  The annual qingming festival is coming, today the teacher took us to the main mountain park grave, one to the, nine characters greeted "cixi revolutionary martyr memorial hall".

  Ascend the stairs, we go to the martyr's monument was panting after a while, the teacher let everybody up, followed by Xu Lei and I speak, just listen to "spring flowers table grief, pine and affectionate dicui." I follow up "infinite grief infinite affection, hero the tomb of the hero." It is offering to read verses of revolutionary martyrs, LieShiBei like willo revolutionary martyrs, LieShiBei beside hits the conifers soldiers guarded them, like a CenYu flourishing spirit to go to LieShiBei branch flag, after each of the flower, we respectfully LieShiBei in front of her, and then we observed a minute of silence, at that time I thought of many revolutionary martyrs die, some even left no name. Here is on behalf of the speech, I the deepest impression is we should good good study, day day up, this is for the guarantee of the martyrs, I want to ensure that good good study, day day up. Next is our oath: let us remember this solemn moment, let us remember this solemn commitment, we want to make martyrs with blood flags, flying in the blue sky of the motherland forever. Finally a lap later went down the mountain.

  The greatness of the revolutionary martyrs was born, died a glorious death.


  "Rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go......" Every year to this festival, people will recite the first poet in the tang dynasty tu mu to write poetry, to express everyone to remember fondly to the ancestors, and this year, I found a evil influences.

  Our family home for grandma grave. When we walk up the hill, we found road was closed, some people in passing money, 20 pieces of each, not just don't let the past. Father angrily ready to call 110, mother quickly stopped, he said: "well! More than the less. Against these people why? 20 yuan and is not a big number, just to give them. You don't want to think: we go, if they are to destroy the burial site?" My father shook his head helplessly. Paid the money on the way up the hill, I have been in frustration out thought: these people want to money to crazy? Can you think out this action? They are not afraid to roost?

  Came to grandma's grave, we placed several bouquets of flowers, a plate of cakes and some fruit, incense, and then we point the folded foil wing, burning paper money to ancestors, to express our and wishing to grandma.

  Mom and dad in the grandmother's grave ridging, I would walk around and have a look. I was surprised to find someone's home supplies a variety of sacrifice: a paper of villa, Mercedes, they said to the old man had good day; And paper beauty, they smiled and said to the old enjoy enjoy; More funny is, there is a hired a "big", "big fairy jumped down there, and the cult of family knelt on the ground...

  I think it is too should not, filial piety should be in the old man a bit better to the old man when he was alive, rather than after the death of one pendulum ostentation and extravagance, keep up with the joneses. Extravagance and waste, feudal superstition, these not only violated ancestors, was defiled the qingming festival "qingming festival".

  Tomb-sweeping day, the memory of ancestors, is not only the national customs, is also human nature. Grave are many ways of civilization has send you a bouquet of flowers, in order to show their grief; Borrow moulding machine, planted a tree next to the grave, grave thrift and greening the environment...

  I hope the police can intervene with the so-called "tolls" villagers, grave, I also hope that we can civilization make tomb-sweeping day became "qingming festival"









  Is a tomb-sweeping day, this makes me to think of tu mu involuntarily historic sentence, "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. May I ask restaurant where, the shepherd boy know apricot blossom village." Ching Ming festival is a memory of ancestors, miss being martyrs. Main ceremony is grave, grave is ShenZhongZhuiYuan, Kingston amity and the manifestation of filial.

  Today is Friday, our whole family line of people back to the grave.

  Mountain road stretches, weeds to my thigh, we passed through the field and bypass the stream, climbed the steep slope, to grandpa's grave. Willows wither, green again, peach blossom thanks, have open again. But grandpa left, could not have come back, I miss, sad, very painful.

  We picked up the broom to sweep the grave around again, and then clean the grass next to the hoe hoe, and each take a handful of loess is aspersed to the tomb. Grandma took offerings, began to worship grandpa, I asked grandpa bowed deeply and worship worship. Grandpa grandma mouth nagging to tell something. I think of my grandma usually said to me: "my grandfather was a hard worker, bears hardships and stands hard work of people". But I have no chance to see, can only miss him in the photograph.

  The grave ends, we will go back home. I silently think: as long as every from green, peach blossoms, I will come back to see you again.