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  为完美旅程做准备Preparing For A Perfect Journey

  Beautiful landscapes, exotic cultures and a relaxing time all contribute to the perfect journey. Journey can bring us much happiness, people all think about how wonderful their journey will be, but the preparation is also a fun part of one’s trip.


  Liu is a college student, he went to travel to Tibet last week, “thinking about my experiences of travel, it’s the preparation beforehand that helps me a lot, I keep an enduring memory.” Liu says. We know preparation before the journey is very important, it ensures people safety, at the same time, people can have fun. What should people prepare for?


  People should sketch a detailed route taking into account first. They need to check out their route very clearly, so they won’t lose their way. The second is to book the hotel earlier, make sure there is available room for you when you go to the place, if people don’t do it, sometimes there will be no room left. The third is to check out the weather during your journey, to make sure it fits your journey.


  Preparation before journey is of importance, it decides how much fun you will share, so don’t ignore it.


  良好的生活态度 A Good Life Attitude

  Life is composed of complex things and emotions, but sometimes a good life attitude can change a lot, showing a different world for everyone. We all know that taking the college entrance examination is one of the most important things for a person’s whole life. Of course, high school students will under great pressure. So, how to treat it properly before and after the exam is very important. My opinions are as following.


  First of all, keeping a good life attitude is helpful for college entrance exam. As everyone regards it as so important and students themselves also put so much effort on it, they are surely stressful when it is coming. Some cannot fall asleep, some cannot think, and some cannot memorize things well because they are too nervous. As a result, they may not perform well in the exam. However, if they can keep a usual mind, they maybe at their best to get a good mark.


  In addition, after the high school entrance examination, keeping a good lift attitude is very important. Having experienced so stressful study for a long time, some students start to indulge themselves. Some may be very lazy and some may do some crazy things to relax. However, it turns out that their behavior will ruin themselves at last. If they have a good life attitude, they would relax themselves in a proper way not excessive.


  In a word, keeping a good life attitude is significant and helpful in everyone’s whole life.


  旅游景点的保护和拯救 Protection and Rescue of Tourist Attractions

  Over the past decades, we have seen a conspicuously soaring number of international tourists visiting a diversity of tourist attractions. At the same time, I am despondent to discover that the positions of cultural heritages and natural attractions are jeopardized severely.


  According to a recent report conducted by Thames, the well-known vacation resort-- Mediterranean is getting close to a toilet, posing a disastrous hazard of getting infected by bacteria to visitors who swim in the sea. What’s more deleterious, the famous fresco and sculptures in Sistine Cathedral located in Vatican was eroded and rotten by heat emitted from visitors. Apart from that, compared with the number that 14 people went down the Colorado River in USA twenty years ago, the present visitors aggregate to over one thousand, making the river much more congested.


  It is high time that we should place some regulations to protect tourist attractions. The primary proposal came up in my mind is that, local government should carry out more rigid laws banning misbehavior in tourist attractions such as doodling and spitting arbitrarily. In the second place, it is undeniable that restriction on the number of tourists can make a difference. Keeping the flow of visitors under control will undoubtedly exert beneficial influence on cultural heritages such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.


  Last but not least, the rising awareness of acting morally is also a necessity. Only with more citizens attaching crucial significance to the living condition of tourist attractions can we solve this conundrum from its foundation.