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  非法狩猎与物种灭绝 Illegal Hunting and Extinction of Species

  With the steady growth of people’s living standard, I’m mournful to see that more and more species is on the way to extinction, together with the rise of people’s illegal hunting in the last four decades.


  From the result of a recent survey, we can learn that the frequency of illegal hunting has increased rapidly since the market of animal product is hot. As a consequence, there are nearly 40 kinds of animals dying out each year, compared with less than five kinds in 1963. This will exert negative influence on our ecosystem and diversity of creatures. In this way, a great number of animals may not be seen by our descendants, even by ourselves.


  The statistics lead me to convince that illegal hunting is closely bound with the extinction of species. From my point of view, any government which is blind to this issue will pay a heavy cost. Therefore, strong measures should be taken to prevent people from hunting illegally and relevant laws should be passed immediately.


  It’ high time that we should attach great importance to the balance of our ecosystem. Let’s take action right now!


  看一看90后Post-90s at a glance

  Many years ago, people talk about post-80s everywhere, now, as the time flies, it has come to the time of post-90s. Young people who are born after 1990s are the world’s main future, they have come to their best year, fighting for their future. Chinese young adults and the US youth share different features.


  Chinese youth are going individual today. We fully understand that the year of 2014 has shown a rapidly evolving sense of individuality. Chinese parents have kept watching their children all the time, they worry about their safety, their future and even their marriage. So the parents always interfere with the kids’ personal life, making their children lacking of independency. Now the young generation starts to become independent and find their individuality.


  In the west, the young generation shows different traits compared to Chinese generation. American children are very independent since they are small, the parents leave much space for them. So theUS youth have a global view, they pay attention to the world affair and get to know more about the world.


  There is no doubt that post-90s are the world’s future hosts, though Chinese youth share different traits with US youth, both of them will be successful.


  全国爱眼日 The National Sight Day

  The sight day is celebrated on each year on 6 June, but the day first commemorated on May 5th, 1993, and it is first proposed by Wang yanhua, a professor ophthalmology in the Medical university of Tianjin. The professor Wang proposed the day for asking people to take care of their eyes, his proposal got high praise by the others. Then, in 1996, 12 ministries, involved in the National Ministry of Healthy, the National Ministry of education, the League Central Committee, China Disabled persons federation (CDPF) and other ministries jointly announced that the sight day listed as a national day, and commemorated the day on June 6th.


  This year is the 19th sight day, the 2014 official slogan is “Pay attention to eye health, prevention of diabetic retinopathy”. In China, schools and some institution will celebrate the day by holding some activities, like some hospitals will provide free clinic for the patients with eye disease.


  According to the latest survey, in china, the number of the students with short-sight is big and still increasing in a rapid speed, and most children have no awareness to protect their eyes. And they also have some bad habits which lead to short-sight and other eye problem.


  Have you do something right for your eyes? Or you are doing something bad? There are some bad habits hurt your eyes: firstly, smoking is bad for your eyes’ health. People usually know that smoking can cause respiratory ills, but few people know the worst problem that smoking causes is amblyopia. Secondly, alcohol is also an enemy for our eyes. Finally, people have many wrong ways of eyes’ usage, such as making your eyes overwork, reading books on bed and watching TV at a close distance. Therefore, if you have do the things above, please stop doing it!