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  1、Don't feel bad growing old.I am right behind you.

  2、With all the love a heart can hold on your birthday.On this special occasion,I want you to know it is you who make my life meaningful.My love for you is more than I can express.I am to share every day with you till the end of my life. Happy birthday!

  3、Smile,it's your birthday!

  4、Happy birthday to my husband.Time elapse so quickly,but my love for you grows fonder.I want to tell you on this special day that your love makes my life complete.

  5、Please accept my birthday wishes.

  6、I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me,for you are all the cherished things a husband ought to be. Sometimes I get too busy or to preoccupied to try to say the little things I feel so tender and deep in my heart. On your special day I want to show you my gratitude and wish you a very happy birthday.

  7、Have a happy birthday!

  8、Happy birthday to a great friend.

  9、Today is your birthday,my darling.I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for what you have done.Thank you for your cares and understanding and the at support you offer me when I need it.A whole of love to my dear husband.

  10、May each hour be a happy one on this special day.Love is always my gift to you for today and every day.

  11、Happy birthday, sweetheart.

  12、For all you mean to me each day,for all the happiness you bring my way,for the love and the memories we share,for you beauty I admire always,I'm hoping your birthday is the nicest in the world!

  13、I take this moment to tell you today that I'm so grateful for the love that you give me.Your smiling face is like the sunlight which brightens my world.The comfort and encouragement you give to me help me through all the despair. Words can not express how much I feel for you.You're a wonderful wife who deserve all my love.Have a happy birthday!

  14、I know today is your birthday.I wish you happiness, health,prosperity,and many happy returns!

  15、Many happy returns of the day!

  16、Time will never change my love that is far more than you know.And it keeps growing deeper and deeper as days come and go.Happy birthday,my love!

  17、We may grow old together,but as long as we are together,I feel young.

  18、On this special day that belongs to you,I'd like to tell you the happiness we share means more than I can show.With all my heart,I'm wishing the joy the whole year through.Happiness always!

  19、Happy birthday with my warm affection and loving thought of you.May your days be bright with dreams come true and filled with favorite memories.

  20、My love for you is always oming deeper with the day goes by.You are the most important thing in all the world to me.Happy birthday and all the days to follow will be happy ones for you!

  21、This brings a birthday message especially to say how much I love you and you are as young and charming in my calendar as before,and the extra year seems indeed to have improved your looks and grace.

  22、Please remember each day the year through someone always loves you and needs you.Happy birthday with all my love.

  23、If anyone deserves a happy day which brings contentment and a light heart,it must be you.This gift is a token of my everlasting love for you.Have a happy birthday.

  24、Let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday.

  25、You are 21.That's something to be proud of.

  26、Happy birthday to my dear husband.You add a special happiness to days that come and go.You give an extra sparkle to the ordinary things.It's so nice to have you being a special part of my life.

  27、With love to my wife.I'm grateful for having you always by my side.To know I have your love means more than words can tell.To know you are happy makes me very happy too. You're my everything.Happy birthday with all my love and best wishes.

  28、We are going to treat you like a king today.

  29、Wish you a happy birthday with all my devoted love to you.

  30、Happy birthday to my sweetheart who is always so charming and good-looking.

  31、To love is nothing. To be loved is something.To love and be loved is everything.

  32、I wish you a long and happy life.

  33、A joyful date to keep in mind and make a note of, is when a birthday comes around to you.Thank you for your love which makes our home warm and beautiful.It is only with you that I find true contentment. Nothing will ever come between us.Happy birthday to you!

  34、Happy birthday to my wife.You're the reason I have found so much joy in my life.I hope you know you are everything to me.Thank you all for every gentle touch and smile that makes my life worthwhile and for the way you always seem to know just how to see me through.A very happy wish for you is that your days and years turn out as glad as glad can be.

  35、Happy birthday,Darling.You are the dearest thing in the world.

  36、Happy birthday with all my love.When you need me,I am always by your side.I wish you every happiness and I love you more each year.